Kitten Season

Kitten Season Is Coming

Kitten season has come once again and people are bringing their cartons, boxes, and carriers filled with “orphaned” babies to any rescue group or shelter that will take them. Valley Cats is no exception and we are already stretched beyond capacity with last season’s babies that have not yet been placed plus the older adults that we normally rescue. Most of these people have merely scooped up the babies, placed them in a container and run to the nearest rescue group without considering the consequences of their actions.

We would like to ask that people who find baby kittens wait and see if their mother comes back for them. If the mother returns, if possible, take them into your house or garage and give the kittens a chance to grow on their mother’s milk and become socialized to people. They will have a much better chance of survival. If the mother does not return after several hours, call a rescue group and ask for advice before moving them. Sometimes the cat is afraid of people and cannot be approached. In that case, put a padded box or cat carrier in a sheltered place where it is cool and dry (patio, garden shed, quiet part of your yard, etc.) and provide lots of food and water to keep her around. Try to locate it so she gets used to seeing you come and go with food and water. Later, we can assist you in catching the mother if you are having trouble. Valley Cats has trained volunteers who help with advice, education, and information on helping you foster your foundlings and/or their mothers. When they are old enough, we will help you find homes for them. If fostering is impossible, we will try to help find suitable accommodations for them.

Above all, please don’t be angry with rescue groups who cannot take in your kittens and cats. Each group is normally full beyond capacity and we need your help as much as you need ours. We can’t count the number of times we have told people that we would love to take their donation of money, but money doesn’t make room for their cat or kitten. We all live in the community and unwanted cats and kittens are everyone’s problem. Valley Cats is willing to do our part in the spaying and neutering of all cats and kittens. We also take in as many as we possibly can, but space is always limited and foster homes are difficult to find. It would be a lot easier if everyone does their part so that the rescue groups do not become overloaded, overworked and underfunded. If we all cooperate, perhaps one day there won’t be any unwanted babies and all adult strays will be welcome to stay in our neighborhoods. They are the best rodent controllers you can find and work for food!