If Your Cat Gets Out

It is always a good thing if your cat is microchipped. If he gets out, notify your microchip company and the organization from which you adopted him immediately. They will be on the lookout for people calling to say your cat is found. Most microchips are magnetic, not electronic like a GPS. Any veterinarian or animal shelter should scan him if he is brought to them. His microchip number will link to you and to the rescue group and hopefully you will get him back. Of course, this depends on the microchip form either being mailed to the company or registered with them.

Always have a current photo of your cat handy to make flyers. Flyers should be posted if your cat is not found within several hours. Your neighbors’ mailboxes and vet clinics, pet stores, and any other place where the flyer is visible is important to do. Once is not enough. Post flyers every week for at least one month.

In the meantime, in hot weather, leave lots of water and dry food at the door where he got out from. Take off clothes that you JUST wore and leave the clothes with the food and water. He will be scared and hiding in bushes or under something nearby. Walk around slowly and call his name. STAND STILL and listen for him to make a sound. You had about one minute to catch him when he went out the door. After that, if something scared him, he went somewhere to hide.

Indoor cats are not street-smart so don’t think they will be OK out there. Leave food, use your voice calmly to call him, and don’t give up. Your cat would much rather be home with you snoozing in his cat bed.

Debrah Regal
Founder, Valley Cats, Inc.

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